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What is Garden Consultancy?

Garden consultancy is using expert advice and guidance to help improve your garden and your knowledge of it. It can include advice on subjects like; principles of garden design, garden set up, maintenance schedules, plant identification and general horticultural practice. Offering professional, independent and unbiased advice garden consultancy can help educate clients and support them before purchase of goods or services. 

Consultations can vary from a brief chat about a raised bed, through to producing an extensive report, survey and plans of a large site or area.


Why Have a Consultation?

From understanding why your tomatoes keep splitting through to restoring an estates historical garden. Consultations can benefit anyone who wants some help and advice in the garden!  A few examples are below:

  • New home owners finding their feet with their new garden.

  • You've got ideas for developing you garden and want to discuss them before you start.

  • Garden restoration.

  • Large gardens or grounds. Proper and timely management can reduce wasted effort and costs.

  • Property Management company or organisation that needs independent advice.

  • Guidance with growing fruit and vegetables.

  • You want an expert opinion on a garden matter.

  • Maintenance schedules for domestic properties and large estates or commercial works.

What is consultancy
why have a consultation
I contacted Ric as we had just moved into a new house with a garden that seemed quite mature and full, but being our first garden we had no clue what do with it and how to look after it!
Ric was really friendly and explained things really clearly. After an initial consultation to find out what we wanted and could manage as a family he sent a detailed document and photos to explain what plants we could keep, move or get rid of and what new ones we could add to bring the garden together. He's been a great help and made an enormous task seem far less daunting! Couldn't recommend his services enough - Kirsty, Torrington 

What I offer.

what we offer
  • Free initial half hour phone or zoom consultation.

  • Basic Consultation

Usually an hour long with some follow up information after. We offer a general consultation but have found that a themed consultation is more beneficial to our clients, topics include: Garden Layout & Maintenance - Wildlife, Environment & Sustainability - Plant Care & Health - DIY Design Guidance

  • Consultation & Assessment

Initial consultation with client and a 'client statement'. We then use the clients comments on the garden to create a detailed assessment of the garden. Relating the final report to the clients objectives. The garden as a whole and individual areas within are analysed. Processes and analysis not limited to but including; soil sampling, microclimate, environment, drainage, features, plants of note.

  • Surveying

Survey of garden with scale, technical plan created.

  • Garden Mapping

Survey process are undertaken along with site assessment and analysis. This is ​drafted into a scale drawing of the garden. Creating a 'map' detailing micro climates, exposures, soil conditions, feature plants and other information.

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